Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Fun!

The weekend after Labor day, I was off of work on Saturday because I'd worked the holiday. As per our usual, we planned all kinds of fun family activities for a Saturday and Sunday! We also had a last minute visitor, my Mom! Saturday after I woke up, I drug Mike and Owen to the Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park where we met Mom and Em. There was so much cool stuff! I would highly recommend it to anyone in town next September. We didn't buy too much, but we did get Owen a cool "chalkboard" t-shirt with an apple on it.
After the craft fair, we went to the Lincoln Square German Fest, where Owen showed off his super cute and authentic leiderhosen! My parents brought it back from their Germany trip when Owen was a teeny tiny guy.

He wasn't too excited about modeling the outfit or posing for pictures, but he had a great time and everyone loved his outfit!

Here he is enjoying a brat!

And, crashed out after a busy day :o) Maybe we should retire the changing pad or put it away for the baby, huh?!

And here is his apple chalkboard shirt. Sunday, we decided to make a trip to Apple Holler and the outlet mall in Kenosha. Great time to show off his new shirt!

The goats were a big hit!

The navigators...

Apple picking with Grammy

And Aunt Emmy

Owen spent most of the day insisting on "helping" pull the wagon...

We finally got him to sit down and enjoy the ride. It was super hot that day and I was about ready to ride in the wagon if Owen wouldn't!

Here he is, nice and happy after a nap on the ride home. He's excited about his new football, which Mike bought him at the Nike outlet. He also got a new winter coat and boots, 2 new pairs of winter jammies (including some awesome super hero jammies - photos to follow!), and new dress shoes and tennis shoes. It was a good day to be Owen! But then again, when isn't it a good day to be Owen :o)

Here we are enjoying free day at the Field Museum with friends Eva and Andrew. I think the kids were playing with some exhibit about tar pits... Not quite sure, but they had a great time!

Owen had a great time picking the corn off of the stalks and then cooking it in the children's area. Hopefully will make it to another free day at the Field soon!


Steve said...

Love the Lederhosen! Owen is getting so big. Sounds like things are going well.