Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Over halfway there!!!

This pregnancy is going pretty quickly, so far! I just can't believe I'll be 23 weeks on Saturday. Not to scare anyone, but Christmas Eve is a mere 17 weeks from tomorrow! Yikes!!! I'm feeling really good and enjoying this part of the pregnancy. I'm a little tired, but I entirely blame the 2 year old, not the baby! I haven't really posted any pics, so here you go...

6 weeks

8 weeks

13 weeks

This was during our vacation and my friend Laura's wedding... We did some very good eating, as you can see!

17 weeks

19 weeks... a major growth spurt for baby Walsh or just for me?!

20 weeks

And here he is... Yes, I said he!!! It's another boy!!!

The ultrasound tech said he's biting his nails, but I prefer to think he's sucking on his hand and he's going to be a self-soother (so we won't have to ever think of taking away another child's pacifier again!)

Cute little feet (that just love to kick my bladder!)

Skeleton baby profile.


Katie Martinson said...

Yay for Baby Boy Walsh!! So fun!! He looks good...and sucking on that hand again, huh? Could be a nice thing you guys have going there!!!!!

Melanie said...

Very exciting, Katie and Mike! Another boy? Sounds like trouble to me! :o)