Thursday, November 20, 2008

Certified lactation specialist

The first week of Nov (I realize it's been a couple of weeks now!) I went to a 50 hour lactation conference with my friend Vicky from work. It was in Schaumburg. It was jam packed with important info. I swear, the first 3 days, all they did was lecture from 8-5:30 with 2 15 min breaks and an hour for lunch. It was good but very intense. More than once, I felt like we might not make it through the week! I'm really happy I went, though. There was a test at the end, which I passed!!! Now, I am a certified lactation specialist. That certification really means nothing, but I did learn a lot and I have fulfilled the education requirement to sit for the lactation consultant exam in July. Hopefully I can keep studying between now and then. Thanks to my mom for coming to watch Owen!