Thursday, March 13, 2008

Owen's Birthday Adventures

Well a year has gone by, so there is a new look on the Walsh blog as well as a new poster (Daddy). Mommy was worn out today from all the birthday celebration, so I volunteered to attempt to maintain the high quality work that has been The Walsh Fam Blog this past year thanks to my lovely wife Katie. So here it goes.

The birthday celebrations started off early last Sunday when we took Owen swimming at Katie's gym. He had a few apprehensions at first but the little fishy soon took to the water like, well a fish to water I guess. He kicked his legs a little and seemed to like going under with me a bit too.

As the week went along, the anticipation grew until it was finally March 13, 2008 and Owen was in fact ONE YEAR OLD!!! I apologize for the extra emphasis but Katie and I both thought it was a pretty big deal. Anyway the day began with exciting decorations designed by Katie and assembled by us both. Needless to say we had a festive morning. Owen received his first birthday gift from his parents, a very exciting tunnel which he can crawl through and possibly just use as a place to hang out with Lola and get away from it all.

After that I was off to work and Katie and Owen's fun day was just about to begin. They first went off to the library for a class which involves singing, dancing, and storytelling. Owen took a little nap next but was woken by a special delivery, some balloons from our very own Auntie Em. As you can tell he didn't mind interrupting his nap too much. Owen and Katie then moved on to the park to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Much swinging was done and of course much happiness and fun was had.

And finally what would a birthday be without a special birthday dinner. Katie and big boy picked me up at work and we went to Merle's BBQ to eat. And eat we did, well at least Owen whose insatiable appetite for French fries and all French fry related foods entertained us throughout evening.
He even got a special dessert of raisin bread pudding and vanilla ice cream.

The night concluded much like things began that wonderful night one year ago, with Owen naked. Now I know I continue to ruin any chance he has to be president someday with my never ending quest to take and post pictures on the internet of Owen naked but I just can't help it really. Well I hope you have enjoyed reading about Owen's fun filled birthday, and more adventures are sure to follow.


Katie Martinson said...

oh my goodness, it looks like Owen had a great 1st birthday! Nice job, Parents! What a milestone, your blogs made me tear up!