Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Owen's new toy

Grammy Marsha came to visit on Monday and insisted on buying this for Owen for his upcoming birthday. As you can tell, he absolutely loves it! I think he'll be walking soon!

We had lots of fun while she was here. Monday we went to the outlet mall in Aurora. Let me tell you, Owen will be well dressed again this summer. That Gymboree outlet is the best! If you like something at Gymboree, just go to the outlet next year. It will be a much better deal. Owen was a great shopping companion, too. We arrived around 10 and stayed until 2:30 and he was just great. He lunched on Cheerios and had a little milk in the J. Crew fitting room and then passed out until we put him back into his carseat.

Tuesday, we braved the snow to take Owen for his first haircut. We went to this kids salon in Wilmette. It was very fun! Owen sat in a Jeep for his haircut. The hairdresser put the Wiggles on for him, too. He usually is too busy to watch TV but since he was strapped in, he seemed to enjoy it. They cut a lot off! Hopefully he won't need a haircut for awhile. The hairdresser warned us that they usually don't do very well during the second haircut, I guess because they know what's coming (it may not be the best idea for her to tell first time parents this...)

Thanks to Grammy Marsha for coming to visit. We had a great time! As always, we ate too much, had lots of fun, and the trip went too quickly!


Katie Martinson said...

Alex can't get enough of that video of Owen pushing his toy! He thinks it's so cute - and he loves how he is "talking" too!