Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Auntie Em is here!

This week we have been so lucky to have Auntie Em back in Chicago. I think she misses it a lot. I am trying really hard to convince her to move back in August. She hit a blizzard on the way up, so her trip was unfortunately shortened a bit. Sunday we mostly relaxed (because I worked Saturday and Sunday night.) Em put Owen to bed (so Mike could run into the lab for a bit) and he did great. Monday she caught up with some friends and we all went to the MatSci holiday party. It was so nice to see everyone. Today we did some power Christmas shopping and we have a little more to finish up tomorrow. We just love having her here! She makes Owen laugh so much and has almost got him clapping. We'll be so sad to have her leave. It is just like old times :o)