Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Fun!

Today Owen and I took Mike to the beach! Owen just loved the water....
Last time Em and I took him he enjoyed splashing around but the water must have been cooler this time :o) I think we'll try again later in the week.
Last week, we put him in the swing at the park for the first time and he had so much fun!!! I've never heard him giggle so much! I'll try to take a video this week and see if I can get it to show up on the blog. We finally decided on a paint color for or hallway and kitchen. We plan to start painting tomorrow night. We'll keep you updated on our progress! I also added a picture of my new haircut for Mom and Em :o) It is great to have short hair again!


Emily said...

i love your hair!! so cute :) and of course i love owen's sour face.